ok now what?

for all you who have argued with me "it's still not a pc"
now what?


right off let me state that although it may seem a strange thing to say to me human life(This is any living entity that has DNA from the species homo sapiens. This includes an ovum, spermatozoon, zygote, embryo, fetus, newborn. It also includes an infant, child, adult, elder. It also includes a breast cancer cell and a hair follicle and a skin scraping.) is not always the most important thing. killing human life is not ever the same to me it always comes down to a case by case basis based on circumstance. from Solomon to whom according to some GOD gave the world's greatest wisdom:
"Then I looked again at all the acts of oppression which were being done under the sun. And behold I saw the tears of the oppressed and that they had no one to comfort them; and on the side of their oppressors was power, but they had no one to comfort them. So I congratulated the dead who are already dead more than the living who are still living. But better off than both of them is the one who has never existed, who has never seen the evil activity that is done under the sun."
Ecclesiastes 4:1-3
sure it is true that in the bible god gave moses a commandment
but there are obviously exceptions to that commandment
(Moses) stood at the entrance to the camp and shouted, "All of you who are on the LORD's side, come over here and join me." And all the Levites came. He told them, "This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: Strap on your swords! Go back and forth from one end of the camp to the other, killing even your brothers, friends, and neighbors." The Levites obeyed Moses, and about three thousand people died that day. Then Moses told the Levites, "Today you have been ordained for the service of the LORD, for you obeyed him even though it meant killing your own sons and brothers. Because of this, he will now give you a great blessing." Exodus 32:26-29
and he did the blessing was the commandments of course later
Exodus 32:35 Then the Lord smote the people, because of what they did with the calf which Aaron had made.

I missed Moxie CrimeFighter?

is finally a really cool thing you could actually have to say at a party...

a few random thoughts on Activism

I read the paper or watch the news once in a while more often than not I try and balance my intake of corporate and activist media in hopes that personal truths will emerge somewhere in between.

torrid post

if you are scared of the sins of the internet go no further...

breaking the corporate habit

I have never been a great fan of kill your tv it may be the opiate of the masses but I am a proud information addicteven if it is evil. But the possibility of a new trend could change all that for me...

i know you

yea RFID is popping up everywhere walmart the DOD the new DAC cards and the oct 2005 pasports as well as the new id's and the only security it really affords is due to obscurity. so...

Too little too late thanks trent

tonight is full of friends doing things that i am not...

socas nicd acwo hbil alnf

In this country of separation of church and state on this national id card day I give you the randomness of:

just couldn't wait could I

thanks to sage advice from those currently around me i have decided to let myself feel and have experienced the utter joy and possible horror of the song With Teeth from the album "With teeth" by Nine Inch Nails. last night wirian and i talked for hours decided to go to buddakahn saw a midget with a dog half his size ate dinner and then saw a giant leave

evil big red couch

verizon sucks!

the inside of my head sounds like Metal by towering inferno

Send Me An Angel : "Eurotrash" : Zeromancer... could this week in any way get more full of nothing??? seems as if everything is telling me to do the opposite of what i want in the coming week. wish Agent117 would send me music so i can figure out how it's all supposed to happen. but then again perhaps that's more than i need to tell everyone about my wackiness. the saddest of all things is that i will have so much time this week to do stuff and yet the important things(to me) all happen at once. even my phone call i have been looking forward too seems to have a unhappy ending, for now. sometimes the universe is against me. perhaps it will all fall in place after a little Zeromancy lol. ok not that much better but some photoshop is ok for now.

to every cloud there is a gothic industrial lining

no time to write anything here yet but tonight was scrumptious

Burn from the album "The Crow Soundtrack" by The Cure

crapity stuffs

first and most importantly my condolences to the family and friends of Heather, Avery, and Lisa Greaves. I just heard today what happened on saturday and although i only knew heather years ago I'm sure her presence will also be missed by many of the denny'sens.

secondly if you live or work in philadelphia

was the dreaming waking me

as you can see it hasn't been long since that last entry but after a strange and vivid dream and all of 4 or so hours of sleep I woke up unafraid and clear. so of course i got paranoid

if you don't want to know don't ask

tonight dot broke up with me...I really thought this might be it oh well.I know no-one is this wonderful but I'm hoping that after tomorrow she'll help me get over it. I should have known it was coming seeing as i was looking forward to the coming month with her. now i'm going through all the things i didn't get around to in my head. we went and saw sin city last night which rocked by the way and i almost cracked and told everyone i was envious of a show they where going to see instead I commented again on how the band calmed me to the point where i want to thrash. additonally

todays word is compliance

can you say com-pli-ance boys and girls? ok two quick things.
1. this site is now
Valid XHTML 1.0!

Valid CSS!
by hand because i can't seem to get tidy to work. Which is good in it's own way because it forced me to relearn that <br> </br> and <br/> should not be used interchangeably. You may think i'm crazy for taking the time but it's more than microsoft can say if you want a chuckle here's the page I checked.

and 2. here is the picture zua requested.

Satori firmware breeds Sveasoft Alchemy

The most renowned goal of Sveasoft's Alchemy firmware is the transmutation of it's GPL into either gold or silver. Unfortunately scientific method is to the philosopher's stone what TheIndividual is to James Ewing of Sveasoft.

Altica carduorum - "Canada Thistle Beetle"

this in it's own way proves that anything is possible and everything is feasible.

Lemmings are not what you think

Karl Kruszelnicki used to be a "proper pukka scientist, engineer and doctor", but is currently an author and science commentator on radio and television. He is the, Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the University of Sydney, in the Science Foundation of the Physics Department. and according to him lemmings arn't what we grew up to understand they are. ask yourself:
1. what are lemmings known for?
2. why do people call other people lemmings?

then read this because disney lied to you.

nonzero chance Extraterrestrials will rent from us

lately dot and I have been looking for a new roommate so we have been advertising on craigslist. If you've ever used craigslist you know that every once in a while your posting gets so buried that you have to repost to get any response at all. well, when i went to do that today i found a new box witch I joyously checked. ok to Beam your craigslist ad into space.


It seems that Jessica Vale a multi media artist from NYC "was really into Samatha Fox’s Touch Me,” when she was nine or ten. Vale says “Until my parents found out, and went mad and took the tape away. But that was a pretty neat song.” Now at 26 she is the only person to release an album with snare constructed from the sound of ass slaps but that's not even the start of the sample-spotting you could do on this album.


As you may know I'm a lazy bastard and one of the things that I hate most about it is that I don't do more to protect my own and others rights. The good news is that I have been able to do more of that thanks to this. After setting up a user account(optional but private, safe, and good for lazy bastards who don't want to type there info over and over) it only takes a little optional editing and a couple of clicks to email, fax, or print and mail off some support for issues I care about to the people who should hear it. They even write the letter for you if you don't know what to say. You don't even have to figure out who it should go too let alone find their contact info or try and come up with what needs to be said. I strongly urge everyone to try it out.

segue off

just a link if you haven't seen segue came out with some new models. could this be the start off a new offroading sport i think so. more links after the break


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Dear Comrade,

Demon Preachernik2-1
Succubus32-1After summoning our content demons and showing them your suggestion six things happened...

1. they incorporated the popastrology charts into our current astrology drop down list

2. they looked at said list and became enraged because the list was soooooo unsightly

3. they tortured us for giving them this task(this part was my least favorite)

oh thank you moving McKean!

I don't know how I missed this for so long or perhaps I didn't. Maybe I was told and I forgot but tonight I saw a preview. If you don't already know I really really like Dave McKean's work(read he is a bit of a personal deity). and since I fell in love with sandman I have had Onerios around who seems to keep up on what's going on with Neil Gaimen and tell me the good stuff I shouldn't miss. Either he told me and I forgot or I never knew but anyway go and see MirrorMask. Get this "directed by Dave McKean, written by Neil Gaiman, and produced by The Jim Henson Company (quite the power trio, eh?). The film recently had its premiere (to critical and audience acclaim) during the Sundance Film Festival, and will arrive at a screen near you in the coming year". now i gotta go call all the arthouse movie theators and demand they show it here in philly and find copies of “The Week Before” and “N(eon)”

update (it's been a while i'm told)

-still have my job.
-turned off our satelite tv
-everyone's moving out
-we have 1 new roommate scheduled to move in within the next couple if weeks
-celebrated why's birthday (kinky quizzo, drag & drinking)
-teaching myself to draw
-hung out with friends, made plans to move into a warehouse, that turned into plans to move to japan.
-invented the better alarm clock
-after many days of being almost an hour late to work, wondering why i still have my job.

the current state of the world his current outlook on life and shooting oneself in the head

I'm obviously still finding it hard to accept. son and wife release a statement, police corroborate. But still Here i am hours verging on closer to a day later looking for an answer.

Websurfers MSNBC and T-Mobile read Paris Hilton’s e-mail

Due to the emergence of this site among others it has become "news" in such articles as Hacker reads Paris Hilton’s e-mail, that Paris Hilton's personal information, including her photos, notebook and address book from her much hyped Sidekick have been released.

The hacker gained access to by guessing the right password.

The The Drudge Report just confirmed the authenticity of

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