new bug added

ok it's not a bug it's a feature. log in click on your name then click edit then profile. enjoy..

fast food pirates

first off pirates where mean there never was much difference between pirates and terrorists so all you with a pirate fetish I hope you understand that you are supporting a culture of fear-mongering. with that out of the way...
I would like to quickly mention how idiotic some advertisers are


apples and who

Well I haven't been online for the past two days oH tHE hORroR!!
The genesis of this was a friend who called about some problems with snow-white ( her computer oh my god.. i just got that).

more congrats

my regards go out to wirian who just tonight won the lottery. It is a twisted tale so you'll have to ask him if you want to know how it happened.

numbers today

I saw 152 people on my way home from work tonight. It is defiantly a rare occurrence when i can

old machenes still hot

just two links

Feb 1st

I have been shadowed all day by a fact that I know but have forgotten. what is febuary first? somthing special is happening today and I can't seem to remember what it is. oh well for now happy birthday ottmar liebert love your blog.

This Blog entry 0\/\//\/3|) By

After a year I'm proud to say I'm Hosted by Hurricane Electric! you may have heard about all my hosting woes.

Long story short one day I found my site down after emailing them I was notified(48 hours later) that they didn't like my content about going to the fifth hope and they had touted adult hosting friendly. After all that I decided I needed a good, cheap, reliable, fast, hacker/free speach friendly hoasting service eventually I found Hurricane electric. I couldn't have made a better choice they offer all i could ask for. They are up all the time with a self-healing national backbone and tech support is instantanious no please hold for an hour not to mention they know what they are talking about and even better they speak english! you get ftp & shell access. and everything else you could want...

Global Consciousness

ok this post finally has to come off of the front page as much as i like Gobal consciousness your gonna have to click read more to see the flash it's just too much...

life in other pods

Since my life is still boring(I just searched through the alphabet on google to see who comes up first for each letter) and my deepest thoughts lately have had to do with just how cold toes can get before any permanent damage is done.

reliving the pain

who sent dot a couple of links the other day including one for the new painstation. I had seen the old painstation back in 2001 but had since forgot about it whitch got me wondering what the boys at //////////fur//// where up to. To my delight there are 9 new projects they have worked on since then and there all cool.

hacking Vodka

I adore real world hacks. Especially ones that are 100% legal and save you money and thus i present to you. Turning Montebello Brands Vladimir™ into somthing more like Ketel One™ with a simple $15 device you may already own. here is the how to, if you try this let us know how your experiment turns out. and if you know of any cool reality hacking let me know.

just another link

I just found the credit card prank. I admit i have done this to a much lesser extent myself. check it out it shouldn't be missed.

upgraded again

Etonbongwoop made me remember as far as posting pictures and stuff.

A Poem by Request

ylbissop has requested that i post a poem i wrote years ago for the title, coffee womb, which joined in quotation marks in a google search does not produce any results. his hope is that someone will perform this search and find our blog site. so here goes.

A Trivial Success

last nite while playing ylbissop and who in a game of trival pursuit 90's edition (which i won), i scored 3, count 'em, 1 2 3 pie pieces in a row baby! what underscores this feat is that i am absolutely horrible at trivial pursuit, even 90's edition, which, theoretically, i should be good at since i lived thru the 90's. though this was my most remarkable moment in the game, while i'm bragging about it, i will mention that i rocked the rest of the game as well, to the point that they thought i'd been studying the cards beforehand. so yay for me! i'm full of useless knowledge after all! =P

round 1 FIGHT!

Dot and I voted on the current songfight last night it was fun and interesting to see how we agree disagree about that stuff if you haven't ever voted try it and if you have try it with a friend.

chapter 12:28:2004

In which we end up not watching life aquatic after all. Instead we watch the best movie I have seen in a long time.

guest hosts

so I'm going to go to onerios's to watch the life aquatic. I think wes anderson is a hack(ok maby not a hack but no timing and his wrighting could use something funny and his movies look like bad 70's films in terms of color grainiyness exc.) but everyone else here thinks different what are their opinions? well i'll let them tell you.

another test in order

if your reading this i upgraded sucessfully again

going out

I hear this is the season for blogs to go stagnant while everyone deals with holiday stuff.

Glad to Decline


Decline showed up with a comment and I wrote such a response that it became this...

Happy Immaculate Conception Day!!!

in Genesis 3:16 after making snakes the lowest form of creatures and condemning all women their offspring

Had to share this with every REAL human

"First they take your foreskin and if you
don't assimilate into their hives they take
the rest of your manhood!" -Wayne E. Manzo

i am curious....

i am curious about these new members who have not posted anything. hi, how are you?

and a note to ylbissop:

The election is over now what?

Votergate is a investigative documentary feature film about new computer voting systems. That covers the investigations carried out by blackboxvoting who says that they "now have evidence that certainly looks like altering a computerized voting system during a real election".

Moody Awori, Kenyan Vice-President on the election

I am a little bit apprehensive because the first term of Bush, he had come in as a lame duck.

Now it appears as if he is winning very convincingly. To me, I think we are going to see more dictatorship on an international scale. We are going to see more extremism come out of there.

We are going to see even more isolationism where America will not bother about the United Nations. To me that is a very sad affair.

happy post samhain everybody

DSCN1984this was me what where you?

fun with intersections

so i'm on my way to work this morning, and as a fellow pedestrian and i are starting to cross the street, the light turns yellow. not deterred as there is plenty of time from yellow to red and red to green for us to hurry across, we step up our pace, and simultaneously the cop directing traffic turns to us and barks something that sounds like "Baar be bar!", which i translate into watch the cars, because the next thing he does is blow his whistle and wave the cars to come on at us! which they do of course, because it's the thursday morning commute and these drivers are 4 days sleep dep'ed and caffeine addled, so we are now sprinting across this damn intersection and meanwhile...the light is still yellow! what kind of fucking traffic direction is that!?

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