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you all know what you'd like to see here alot better than I do. give me your ideas for content. what's missing?

camera cheat sheet

high f-stop(tighter aperture) means larger depth of field and a darker picture
high shutter speed(less seconds shutter is open) means less motion blur and a darker picture
low iso (less sensitive image sensor) means less grain and a darker picture

i'm always fighting to remember these relationships so i thought id post a cheat sheet now that i have an iphone so i can check it wherever i am

Halloween horror nights at universal

Halloween horror nights at universal is called by hauntworld the number 1 amusement park halloween event of 2008. Perhaps it was the night we went or the crowd that night but I left disappointed with the overall haunt effects. While scare actors are the best way to scare people the ones in halloween horror nights houses didn't seem to know or possibly didn't care about the 5 laws of fear.

can't wait

I'll be there but...

updated dream

vale timer

so long but funny

2007 Ylbissop

every year penn does a year end wrapup and i like the idea so i'm stealing it
Here is my year end for 2007:


I saw 19 movies in the theater this year
(in the order I saw them):

pans labyrynth
an inconvenient truth
black snake moan
spiderman 3
pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end
The Rocky horror picture show
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
simpsons movie
King of Kong
Balls of fury
Resident evil Extinction


look at me I'm blogging from my ps3.


yet another very expensive yet totally useless(to me) thing i want.


pbst updated


click read more to see!


things sometimes look different when ylbissop take a look thru the lens.

samhain 07

oh the horror!!! for those waiting the pictures i have so far from our bash can be found here I added the pix of decor, renfair, linvilla, and shauns to the simulacrum gallery as well after the jump just click mainmenu>samhain> and they are all listed there.

mutation vs pharma in our evolution

while stuck on a bus I was listening today to the Functional body modification panel that Quinn Norton gave at 23c3 the talk itself is dated as it happened in 2006 but It contained one thing i was surprised i hadn't heard of

some days

things like this make the world a good place.

that cow was the ducks eye david!


LOL .. hehehehe..HA! ..ok..ok.ok ahem. dateline nbc reporter flees from hackers can't wait to see them air this.

comicon metaverse

in my little world there was a bit of talk today about the new fad of not going to things. I don't mean as a form of protest or an artistic statement but simply because you don't have too anymore. the most pop example of this I found today being Kevin Smith and Maddy Gaiman at comicon 2007 who for some time avoided the crowds by following the near if not live coverage of the events going on in their hotel downstairs. the coverage one can find of such events is directly proportional to the draw of the event minus the time that has passed since 30 minutes or so after the event occurred.

I just realized i've been doing this for a couple years now and i must be awful at it

once upon a time people read this. then it started to quiet down and eventually had pretty much just my friends reading. shortly after that I started having to point things out to friends that i had posted here as i would with any other random site which pretty much means that they never check it let alone subscribe to the rss feed. but on the other hand i dont think most of my friends would even understand what an rss feed is they think the only way to syndicate content is thru myspace. once I had wild dreams of this becoming more than just my own mind spewing into the darkness.

ether replacing the shadow

shadows are everywhere affording safety late night expedition becomes earlier and earlier. love, death, insanity, resistance, information, opinions, by hook or by crook we will. till the joe's congregate stealing away my ability to enjoy an addiction. till motivation is needed not far just around back the joes can get at us there it's public and they haven't seized it yet.

Wave Of Harold

Polk AL Holic

just somthing i threw together to waste a half hour of your life. sometimes takes forever to load but what do you expect it's a half hour long. just got notice from google video apparently this 1/2 hour long mash up of music videos is against their do no evil policy so it will no longer be there if anyone knows of a good place that will stream a 500 meg half hour video for free so i can embed it here leave me a comment.

my take on year zero

I thought i'd lay out what i think the songs are about as there is so much there any feedback/disagreements would be apriciated if you dont have it theres no excuse go get it it's $10 at hot topic.

let me preface this with this is all theory and my beleif not fact.

I'll plagiarize instead

I can't believe that the suntan lotion poll has been there for going on a year now and its still at 27 votes how sad is that. it's harder to post knowing that i'm simply writing to myself. I'll plagiarize instead.


sooooooo drunk

so freakin wasted right now. thats about all really we didn't get to see vnv nation instead we spent the evening with deacon who also got royally wasted. I talked to cheebs all the way home which may suck in the morning. arn't you sorry your not on right now? I would totally be drunkenly be posting to you. instead cheebs my love is telling me to not post dunk and i'm doing it anyway. if your wondering yes i want you. if your not thats my biggest problem. Love you all as much as you think i do. really i want to do you. no really ask cheebs.



when cheebs and i went to the doubletree we where greeted by the words of annie lennox..

then i was amused by this

click to select option 4

pointy meesh

meesh is watching you.

all up ons your goth

this entry brought to you primarily by the youtube cue dramatic music.

I don't know who you are or why you are reading this so lets start with a primer shall we?
So You've Decided You Want To Become a Goth.

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