Welcomed or not...

I've been racking my brain today about sending an email to someone who's father had pasted away. Why am I dwelling on it?

cool because

someone mentioned that they
"noticed that diners were the choice of food for three out of four nights with " me ". Coincidence?"
I think not.

for many years I have been a devout sinner of the X.th diner commandment (and proud of it) but theres somthing deeper lurking herein. a diner or other "you can pay for coffee and sit forever" establishment is better than any other hangout for a few reasons.

0. such a place supports:
metabolism and thru speach and interaction the essence of the manifestation and the foundation of the being and its replication, the subjective and inner manifestation of the individual, the essence of it's God, its own revelation and helps premote a worthwhile existence. in essence it is life.

For the Gaiman fans

I found this on my philly_goth lj community.

If anyone is interested in seeing "Mirror Mask" (written by Neil Gaiman) come to Philadelphia email the Ritz Theaters and let them know. Currently it will not be released here in Philadelphia. ritztheatres@poselmanagement.com


So start the emails, people.



the fifth circle of osx

The initall idea behind this document is to attack the mac switch problem from a user perspective. As a long time pc user who switched when mac decided to get a base in unix and make there computers more easaly modifyable. I found that I had trouble finding out how to do the things I wanted to do. The software was out there but finding it provided a challenge. Additonally I wonder what people do with their computers. If you ask a new user what they want out of a computer they ushally say email, internet, play dvd's or music but what about the power user what do they want to do?

This is a place to contribute your frustrations ask a question and get the short awnser. this is not a fourm because I find that alot of the time fourms get diverted into spesifics like "how do I configure and or install this?" or "i'm getteing error x what does it mean" if you have those questions or comments make a fourm here and express them but please don't include them in this book. The best way to find out what this is all about is to look at what's already been written. I know this page will help me I only hope it will help others. If your a die hard mac user please try and help out by awnsering a question. If your a fan of another operating system do your worst and ask a question that a mac running osx cannot do. and anyone please add questions or awnsers that you would find helpfull. maby when this is done we can awnser the question "what can't you do on a mac?"

Curiouser and curiouser!

so far my unawnsered questions are..

Who's the real enemy?

Due to the recent devastation in the Gulf area, I've been thinking and reading about the true enemy that threatens not just our country...but the world...

Georgewellian statements

I keep hearing about stuff happening, a little here a little there, small issues setting precidents. the one thing they all have in common is a definite erosion of freedoms. I started to wonder where do we actully stand? what would have to change to bring us into a true orwellian state?

someone tell me something!!!

why do i get treated like shit?
i'm a nice guy!
i hate being a nice fuckin guy!!!!
did i do something to you in this life
or the last?
i donno maybe i shouldn't try so fuckin hard!
maybe i should be an asshole like the rest
of the fuckin dickhead, wife beating, thug wanna be,
doped up fuckin jerkoffs out there!!!!
maybe then i'd get someone that wants me,
because the way i am not isn't gettin me no where!!

what do you fuckin think???? is this a good start???

yo ylbissop...

hey man maybe you can help me. a friend gave me an Imac for madison and the fucked up thing don't work. maybe you can help me because you know i hate them and i know you love um and i also know that madison cant break it like she does with mine lol.

hiding things from myself

I spent today organizing things at the house here. it's weird going thru my old stuff i realized it seems i like to hide things from myself that at the time make me so happy(so they can make me happy later). whitch would be great except life always get's complicated and then I find myself hurting because those happy thoughts are so unreachable now. I am glad I stash these memories away the good ones and the bad ones because my mind forgets so much. It helps emensly with perspective. Still sometimes i wonder if it might be a depressive act. anyone else do this? is your experience the same?

Bringing the old world into the new

A conversation started between my supervisor, coworker, and myself. It seems that my coworker's 14 year old son has found himself an internet girlfriend

yea it's crack

The real world is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is deflected by a magnetic or electric field. It is a stimulant of the central nervous system and an appetite suppressant, creating what has been described as a euphoric sense of happiness and increased idiocy.

HEY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

My birthday is the 30th who the hell is gettin me smached!!!!!!!!!!

who did it?

hey man... who invited the smart people. i dont feel very confortable (see not smart) any more being part of your site. doctors and nurses, who the he need um! haha

a general what happened entry

sideshow bernie
Last night after work chibifrog picked me up and reminded me that it was SideShow Bennie's Carnival of Wonders night at the Fringe Cabaret.

Attachments How to

Attachments are now available so it's about time for a little how to.

blogging here in 10 easy steps!

ok I tweaked the site so it's even simpler.

sheer force of will

I have just this to say... I feared the complicated process of setting up internet now that I've moved. I shouldn't have. setting up the internet here was amazingly simple. no appointment even tho I hadn't contacted them before 3 hours ago Now look at me Wheeeeee... bandwidth tester says 1.00 megabits/sec -- 127.5 kilobytes/sec so officially I'm back!

glade saves the day

gladeok pine I understand summer rain sounds nice and vinalla smells yummy but I think glade may be running low on ideas. now don't get me wrong it smells good in fact if it smelled like a gas station I would be happy but can't we simply turn on the dryer or go to the local laundramat for this?


a Chatbox has been added

The chatbox uses a separate pop-up window, allowing you to browse and chat at the same time.

if you want you can join the chatbox manually here.


Any single ladies from the Philly area wanna have a good time. Check out... http://www.myspace.com/chapel666
or get in touch with me one of these ways:
AIM= Chapel666
Yahoo IMer= TheMadHatter3751
ICQ= Chapel666 (312-938-202)

Oh, ylbissop... I still have no clue where to put this. But you'll take care of me lol

almost back to alright.

after a struggle I finally fixed the site again. I'm pretty sure it's sucessfully updated. Unfortunatly I spent my days off sick this week now if I could just kick this sickness I'd be back to alright.

Burning Absinthe Daubs

PernodfireThe Pernod plant was struck by lightning, causing an alcohol fire that raged out of control for four days. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of burning absinthe were discharged into the Doubs River, flavouring it with anise for miles downstream. For some reason i find this romantic and quite the muse perhaps some art will come of it.

human trials just around the corner

This article and for the skeptical this video go into the didn't think i'd see it in my lifetime category. Seems our friends at Pittsburgh's Safar Centre for Resuscitation Research have made some progress. I don't know if I agree with using the word zombie here but undead defiantly works. Just in case you may want to pick up one of these.

some days you don't even know you don't know.

how many planets are in our solor system?


guess it sucks to be this .org

photo update

this starts back a while but i wanted to get it all in..

nice meeting you ladylarkeyae

This is late i know but i just wanted to say michael jackson has nothing on ladylarkeyae...

your not a freakin treasure house

or we still can't print a þ? ...
a rant.

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