sad state of affairs

finally read what I was really afraid of reading all this time :

" Turns out the Mirror Door/Firewire 800 model G4's that cannot boot into OS9, cannot actually boot from a factory Jaguar CD either! It would only boot with the DVD that came with the computer. I thought I would be crafty and swap the hard drive out with a brand new MDD model I just got in. (DUAL 1.25mhz). Made things even worse then, the display went wacky!

AppleCare Tech support told me that the my Firewire800/MDD machine would ONLY work with the hard drive that came with it. "What happens if that hard goes out?", I asked. "we replace it!", was the tech's answer. "What if I want to put a bigger drive in, replacing the original drive?", I asked. "Can't do it", was his answer.

one of those days

I just don't feel good about or like today. I figure it's just an emotional problem cause I really have no reason to be especially down. just kinda feel emotionally crappy. oh well. tomarrow is another day. guess I'll go partake of the opiate of the masses. it is strange however that I am apathetic even toward my apathy today.

movies make you think

I just finished watching Regeneration (1997) and realizing that it is one of the many movies that make you think I thought i'd write some of my thoughts down briefly. this isn't a review and doesn't contain any answers just ideas.

life is war.

I was drawn to think about some ideas surrounding a line by one of the characters Sarah(played by Tanya Allen) she says to Billy Prior(Jonny Lee Miller) "this is just another kind of wound" in reference to his war induced emotional trauma. I have personally known people who where wounded in this way but never one wounded by war.

all data should be available orally

I just wanted to note that I think it sucks ass that some companies require that their employees show up at work to get their schedules if you call it should not be against company policy for your managers to give you your schedule. I don't personally have to deal with this but if I did I would complain about it allot. I don't drive and spending money to get to work on a day I had off just to get a piece of paper that tells me when i have to come back to work again seems ludicrous. this is in my opinion just another example of stupidity in the corporate world please someone explain how this be


May I someday forgive myself for what I am about to do.

This is a web-log entry. I am blogging. I am a blogger. Here is a
blog I wrote. kann i für das Blogging verdammt werden. God it really
doesn't matter how I say it it still sounds dirty. Anyway I figured a
blog along with a little desktop blogging software was going to be the
best way to get myself to post some content(for content breeds content
and i like content). I set up Drupal (working on un branding it to make it match my site) and am using Ecto
in case anyone ever cares. All in all the hardest part turned out to be
figuring out how to set up the SQL database without command line access
to my host. But I digress This first post should really be about
warning people :

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