a difference in taste

I just wanted to point out the difference between how i wanted to observe the 4th tonight and how cheebs did...

I wanted a Cosmic Calamity Fountain A high performance fountain device with bright silvers with red, green and blue beads. Then changing to golden yellow beads with crackle. Effects keep changing until the dramatic finish. Can you say "fantastic!" she wanted a "happy silvery flower"

so guess what we ended up with?

you may commence laughing at me.

movie movies now with even more movies

SinemaIn an attempt to figure out what makes me interested I have listed some of my favorite films.

a pain in the copyleft

HAZAAAAAHHH! although i'm in pain because of working hard yesterday i'm also happy, once in a while you win some and yesterday afternoon i found out that I had. some of the shirt designs that i had created for the store here came under suspicion of copywright infringement a couple of days ago and where taken offline I was sure that even tho I had spent plenty of time making sure that my origonal hand drawen designs where... well my own, that they would be lost forever. still i decided to go out on a limb and send cafepress a letter about them defending my origanality. To my joy and suprise cafepress listened and the shirts are now available again!

now you be a good little consumer

yeah so by popular demand(lol) i set up a store here. while your here check it out.

Editors Gone Wild

have you ever had one of those days?

100 0101

click to enlarge

now doesn't it make you feel better

the pigs have won tonite and we can all sleep soundly

and everything is...

alright so after keeping him hostage for several days we drove out to vally forge and dumped bruce lee by the side of the road. then we visited RecklessAbandon because the phone was dead and i had forgotten to call him he made a good point mentoning that bruce would probably be eaten by deer. but at least it's more natural than silica gel poisoning right?

a motley crew indeed

a quick update on Modern Magic a few of the participants including the artists from lunar light studios where on the preston and steve show this morning


went to an apple store opening this morning. then off to work it rained hard on and off today where cheebs called me to tell me of a harrowing fight with some yellowjackets in our apartment and for a little while i talked about church with jerry. cheebs picked me up and we stopped off for gas where i randomly bought her a grumpy bear dog tag and then we stopped at wendys to grab dinner we ate and then watched aeon flux whilst I napped on and off a bit. then i watched mythbusters and ed vs. spencer followed by checking my usual things online and finally here to post what a utterly common and ye

consumer whore

well the good news is I can always move.. so maby i wont have to put up with it for long... but with 6,500 of them scattered I may end up living IN one soon.. I know theres one where i grew up theres one around the corner from a friends shop and now they are replacing a piece of my youth with one... I guess it's true that when you hate somthing it eventually devours you. I apologize to the citizens of this good town for bringing this empty vapid bland generic fate to them I somehow feel that it is a desiese that follows me simply to add to my misery. anyway here we go again.

Hope is nearing

well the first step tward hope6 has been achieved I got hope.ylbissop.com working again fixed one or two links and added a place for hope number 6. if you dont know about hope or want to hear more check it out.


I have no idea ask me what's been up this month or my opinion on somthing. I mean it who am i wrighting this for myself? sometimes i feel so alone here in my little world.

And out of nowhere it comes...

Well winter is officially over, but maybe somebody would like to save a part of it.
But with the coming of spring comes random spurts of reliving our childhoods in the most efficient way of course.

true white

finally watched white noise today I've wanted to see it since i heard rumor that they used some real EVP's in it but if they did I didn't pick up on it.

Game ( posted on forum Already)

Does anybody here have a game they're learning or would like to learn?
Do you live in or near Philadelphia?
Do you have expertise in RPG, Card games, Chess, Minitures, Board games you'd like to share with a eager learner.
I have some free time opening up (quitting my job).
I've collected a bunch of games over the last couple of months while working , but didn't realy have the time to play (or in the case or GURPS Learn) them. Do you want to plan a time to get together somewhere ( with a table,floor ,rug and/or caffine)? I know Ylbissop and I have been talking about a Cyberpunk2020 game for a while. He also introduced me to the shady madness of Illuminati CCG (SJgames).

listen up

I must pass this along at first episode i thought it was a fluke but they kept the laughs folwing strong

PLA RADIO! listen to them now!

cain abel quinn herbert and the Mahdi

having just re"read" ishmael I took issue with the frank herbert quote here specifically "He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing." from Quinn's perspective that is a strictly human way of looking at things.

we want independence from "the gods" so we rebell from being leavers and become takers. we want to sustain our lifeline without following the rules this forces us to conquor. to conquor somthing is not to controll it it is simply a temporary fix whitch requires another fix and we end up with a leaky dam and not enough fingers. Quinn suggests that this story is ancient war propaganda. Cain, a member of the taker philosophy and an agriculturist felt man's fate was in his hands. He showed these beliefs through the harvesting and storing of food. Abel, a member of the leavers demonstrated his philosophy of leaving everything alone except for what was needed in his hunter gatherer lifestyle. Cain and Abel represented two cultures. When these two cultures clashed, the takers began "watering their fields with the blood of . . . herders". Cain took Abel's life because according to him, the world was made for human control.


pretty normal week means little to talk about. work hung out at wirians tonite for a movie. just an update to say no update this week. still outlook is good


will you be my valentine?

Sometimes I feel so unoriginal...

Or am I helpful in skimming through all the crap and picking out the good stuff?

the perfect crime?

Sad Angel  By Groove Junky
and here I always thought that it would be much more complicated.
but i guess not. still some things just won't die. Don't be sad as I was saying over dinner at a sushi place there's always an alternative. perhaps the time has finally come

a dark sky makes for a brighter silver lining

been feeling a bit down for the past couple of days but I'm sure it's chemical because I have no reason to feel that way so I'll just let it blow over. Still I laughed more than I have in a while tonight when I saw a commercial for some law office or another they had their head honcho lawer standing there doing the regular shpeel regarding gathering people for a class action suit over zyprexa and plastered over the right hand side of the screen is a list of complications. as these things go the lawer says "if you have experienced any of these symptoms give us a call" and gestures tward the list whitch I, as a good consumer, read.

Web of Doom

don't you hate those sites with crappy interfaces and confusing naviagtion? I've been seeing more and more of them. and I was wondering about other peoples experiences. if you encountered the customer service rep from hell, couldn't figure out how to order somthing or have another web site horror story tell me.
what's the site address?
and give a description of what you found frustrating about the site.

How can you top that...

Today I've decided to help out my fellow geeks and nerds find interesting articles online about the various topics they have been discussing in our forums.

Turning the Pages

The British Library has created an online flash gallery of 15 rare books that are or have been on exhibit. Included and of particular interest are the original manuscript for Alice in Wonderland and Mozart's diary of his musical works. check it out here: Turning the Pages


went to onerios's last night much fun was had we saw a production of sweeny todd and played scene it. last day of the year. what did you want to acomplish this year? ... I'll wait.. what? yea well you may have a couple of hours to get that done. or you may be slow and never read my blog and i will now make you feel bad for not reading my blog.. mental note to yourself both read and post more here at ylbissop.com. what do you have to loose? if your cool and not too far away i'm sure you'll attend the B.T.O. new years party tonite.

after the cleansing


Dear wawa,

I will miss your parking lot full of bikers, your green tea and your speedy service. I will miss your meatball sandwitches and ice cream. I will miss your two for one cigerette deals and the endearingly stupid way you lock your back doors. but fear not for I am not far from a new wawa where all your fine products are available the bikers are replaced by a gaggle of teens and the back doors are never open to me. where the parking lot is congested by it's

buusy week

as you may have noticd I have been absent lately. this is because on top of having the x-mas holiday whitch means family stuff cheebs and I have moved in together to a place in pheonixville. the big evil red couch didn't fit up the stairs i'm sure you'll hear more on that later. for mow i sit in a little puddle of chaos but now my has a connection to the net so i may have time at some point to add more here. now it's off to the landlords office here due to a typo, then out to comcast downingtown and a bank out that way.

Where's my label maker?

I've been joining forums online that deal with particular areas of my own life. I have my geek/nerd communities, my goth communities, my music/concert communities, my anime communities, my SCA communities, my CSI/forensics communities, my computer communities, my Sims 2 communities, and recently my crytozoology community. Why do I have so many different communities under my profiles? Because that's me. I'm into so many different things and follow so many different types of lifestyles or hobbies, that I can talk or mainly read other opinions and views in those communities. Most of the time, I'm a spectator, just peeking in every now and then, see what's new, how one person found what link, who had what question. Other times I've spoken out, agreed or disagreed with the topic, helped a fellow geek in the ways of love, gave my opinion about the latest episode or movie, just been a participant in it all.

Recently in three communities I'm in, and I'm sure its happened before, I've just ignored it or whatever, there have been arguments over the definition of the subculture of that particular group.

good weekend

there was Yule at ladylarkeyae's and that was an excellent day cheebs and I rushed around.. pancakes in the am, then I started cooking chicken and salsa. followed by a trip to five below while stuff was marinading.

I don't know why I haven't done this before.

So I've known about this site for ever and ever and ever and I hardly ever get in here even though ylbissop is like my best friend on the planet. So I'm fixing it.

Today I woke up late, which is fine since it's day two of a two day reprieve from work. My cat has taken to lying down next to me while I sleep and when I wake up, she's kind of holding down the blanket so that I can't escape without moving her. And we just kind of satre at eachother and wonder which one of us is going to be the first to move. It's usually me. So After taking an hour to come to terms with disturbing her rest, I slithered out as carefully as I could and stumbled into the computer room to see who had just Trillion blinged me.

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