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Turning the Pages

The British Library has created an online flash gallery of 15 rare books that are or have been on exhibit. Included and of particular interest are the original manuscript for Alice in Wonderland and Mozart's diary of his musical works. check it out here: Turning the Pages

update (it's been a while i'm told)

-still have my job.
-turned off our satelite tv
-everyone's moving out
-we have 1 new roommate scheduled to move in within the next couple if weeks
-celebrated why's birthday (kinky quizzo, drag & drinking)
-teaching myself to draw
-hung out with friends, made plans to move into a warehouse, that turned into plans to move to japan.
-invented the better alarm clock
-after many days of being almost an hour late to work, wondering why i still have my job.

A Poem by Request

ylbissop has requested that i post a poem i wrote years ago for the title, coffee womb, which joined in quotation marks in a google search does not produce any results. his hope is that someone will perform this search and find our blog site. so here goes.

A Trivial Success

last nite while playing ylbissop and who in a game of trival pursuit 90's edition (which i won), i scored 3, count 'em, 1 2 3 pie pieces in a row baby! what underscores this feat is that i am absolutely horrible at trivial pursuit, even 90's edition, which, theoretically, i should be good at since i lived thru the 90's. though this was my most remarkable moment in the game, while i'm bragging about it, i will mention that i rocked the rest of the game as well, to the point that they thought i'd been studying the cards beforehand. so yay for me! i'm full of useless knowledge after all! =P

i am curious....

i am curious about these new members who have not posted anything. hi, how are you?

and a note to ylbissop:

fun with intersections

so i'm on my way to work this morning, and as a fellow pedestrian and i are starting to cross the street, the light turns yellow. not deterred as there is plenty of time from yellow to red and red to green for us to hurry across, we step up our pace, and simultaneously the cop directing traffic turns to us and barks something that sounds like "Baar be bar!", which i translate into watch the cars, because the next thing he does is blow his whistle and wave the cars to come on at us! which they do of course, because it's the thursday morning commute and these drivers are 4 days sleep dep'ed and caffeine addled, so we are now sprinting across this damn intersection and meanwhile...the light is still yellow! what kind of fucking traffic direction is that!?

yay, all my old posts are back!

that's cool.

i have 3 jobs...

never, in my wildest dreams, did i think i would see this day. if you told me a year ago that i\\\'d have 2 jobs in the future, i would\\\'ve laughed, but 3...yeah, this is for all you fuckers that like to tease me about slacking, 3 JOBS IN YO FACE!

the truth about hypoallergenic

everyone should check this out. learn where (psst! corporate, corporate) the word hypoallergenic came from and what standards do or rather don't apply to it.


woah,when did cactuses become an accepted pluralization of cactus? for years i have listened to people terrorize each other over not using cacti to pluralize, and now, this morning, i decided i was fed up with the arcane pluralization, i decided it was time to take a stand, to proclaim my full disdain for this ugly and awkward pluralization and my intention to incorrectly pluralize with cactuses, to set a new trend, in the face of future terrorization and having to explain my position over and over to people.

heroes and fahrenheit 9/11

a man by the name of ted rall has been flamed and death threated by the masses for a comic which pokes harsh and honest fun at footballer turned army man turned corpse turned hero, pat tillman. anyway, i got a kick out of it so here's the link:

the good life

i just wanted to share my joy. at this moment, i am being paid to sit here and type this blog entry. and i'm not slacking off, i'm not sneaking around.
however, i do fear it's the bliss before the storm. usually when your workplace can't find work for you and tells you to entertain yourself for a while, it's not the best sign of things to come. but i will forget that for now and enjoy the "free time" while i can. maybe there'll be some interesting haps in the news today.

it's a mixed bag, but i'm jumping in (no promises that i won't jump right back out)

so, i have some mixed feelings about blogging, i'm sure you've heard them all before, they're not original, so i won't elaborate on them. but i'm taking the plunge, cause frankly, i'm not the kinda person that keeps in touch with people as much as i'd like in an ideal world, and i think most of my friends are the same way. it would be nice to have a place where people can just go and get updates on what's been going on, etc, the things i might not think about 2 months later when i manage to give them a call or vice versa.
so maybe this will go the way of phone calls and vitamins, and other such things that i can't seem to schedule into my life.

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