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sideshow bernie
Last night after work chibifrog picked me up and reminded me that it was SideShow Bennie's Carnival of Wonders night at the Fringe Cabaret. So we stopped by onerios's place to drop off some bacon lovers turkey for him(because when I think bacon lover I think onerios). He wasnt there but luckily dot was so I didn't have to worry about keeping it fresh till i saw him. Then after comming back here to hang out with tootsie(the famly dog)for a while whom we have been taking care of while the rents and zua are away for the weekend at the beach. We headed out to Beijing Inn for some food and then back into the city. The caberet was fun show called me "eraserhead guy" due to my shirt said I looked like a sinner and asked me if i wanted to come up on stage to get the sin spanked out of me with a wooden paddle on whitch had been carved the face of some prominant fringe fest member whitch he was doing to various people as a filler in between acts. I respectfully declined. the only thing I disliked about last night was the fact that i didn't pull out like 6 bucks cash before I went so I might get a water and <gift idea>some of show's swag.</gift idea>

Hey there Eraserhead Guy

Hey there Eraserhead Guy,
See what happens when you are sitting in a hotel room in Seattle, having a couple of post performance cocktails and you decide to Google yourself? You come across references that you had no idea were floating around in cyber.
Too bad you declined that spanking. The ones who availed themselves of that sin freeing service are now living happy and productive lives knowing that their sins had been expunged and they are a clean slate. They have never been happier...
So, how are you doing?? Hope you haven't lived to regret eschewing a nice sin purging spank.
Thanks for the words...
SideShow Bennie

the reasons three

there where three reasons I turned down your spanking SideShow
1.I am so very comfortable in my sin if you cleaned my slate i would have to work so hard to get it all back.
2. your a fairly big guy and i wanted to watch your awsome act again. with the knoledge that I would have had to sit on the ass that you walloped till the pre shows where over I decided against it.
3.my ass is ugly.

p.s. it is an honor that you take the time to write here<bow>. sorry that the comments are so fucked up now.