Who's the real enemy?

Due to the recent devastation in the Gulf area, I've been thinking and reading about the true enemy that threatens not just our country...but the world...

First suspect...the sun. Possible lose of societal comforts I read years ago about a solar flare that could have possibly reversed all of electrical pulses therefore sending us back into the Dark Ages. Recently these solar flares have been, shall we say, "flaring" up, similar to flares that have caused power plants shut down. Look it up. Its a fascinating phenomenon that may become a real problem in years to come.

Second suspect...sea lions. Acting as humans, maybe...or just disgruntal teenagers Could this be the first sign of the full uprise we have all dreaded. The animal kingdom is speaking up.

Third suspect...who else? chimps What's next? Drinking and driving? I know, its silly...but come on! They could be thinking deep thoughts, smoking a Marlboro, plotting things, we all do it!

Can we protect ourselves from these possible dangers? Well learn how to live without all those technological amenties and learn to co-habitat with your fellow furry.

My lesson from this: Mother Nature is pissed off and ready to show it.

shock da monkey

ok I do find it odd that they feel they must supply Feili with cigs but i want to know the logic so I can make a human rights case for myself. Still who better to know how animals think than PETA "Animals don't smoke. Why should they have to suffer just because some humans want to poison themselves?" says PETA campaign coordinator Jay Kelly. Wow jay Kelly is just wrong isn't he KEEP YOUR RULES OFF MY MONKEY ASSHOLE.

oh as for drinking and driving I think monkeys are also stealing women but those pictures arnt work safe.