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Due to the madness of it all...

Just wanted to write a quick note for the handful of readers out there in the cyberworld since Ylbissop has not done it himself like back in October.

Yes its been long since either of us has written here and we apologize. The whole rush of the holidays got to us and we are still trying to settle with everything. Maybe in the new year with a fresh start there can be regular postings once again.

Just wanted to give a quick explanation for the long absences.

To enlighten the masses

So ylbissop and myself were sitting down to some good ole fashioned laziness and TV since the last few weeks have been hectic beyond belief.

We perused the channels and found Who Wants to be a Superhero? with the wonderful (but I feel misguided) Stan Lee.


And out of nowhere it comes...

Well winter is officially over, but maybe somebody would like to save a part of it.
But with the coming of spring comes random spurts of reliving our childhoods in the most efficient way of course.

Sometimes I feel so unoriginal...

Or am I helpful in skimming through all the crap and picking out the good stuff?

How can you top that...

Today I've decided to help out my fellow geeks and nerds find interesting articles online about the various topics they have been discussing in our forums.

Where's my label maker?

I've been joining forums online that deal with particular areas of my own life. I have my geek/nerd communities, my goth communities, my music/concert communities, my anime communities, my SCA communities, my CSI/forensics communities, my computer communities, my Sims 2 communities, and recently my crytozoology community. Why do I have so many different communities under my profiles? Because that's me. I'm into so many different things and follow so many different types of lifestyles or hobbies, that I can talk or mainly read other opinions and views in those communities. Most of the time, I'm a spectator, just peeking in every now and then, see what's new, how one person found what link, who had what question. Other times I've spoken out, agreed or disagreed with the topic, helped a fellow geek in the ways of love, gave my opinion about the latest episode or movie, just been a participant in it all.

Recently in three communities I'm in, and I'm sure its happened before, I've just ignored it or whatever, there have been arguments over the definition of the subculture of that particular group.

Ode to my love/hate relationship

(Alternate title: Why this world is crazy and I just can't get enough of it!)

(Atlernate alternate title: How and entertain when work is just a bore!)

A dab of this, a pinch of that...

How was everybody's Halloween/Samhain? Anything cool or spooky happen?

Time and place has been picked

Mirrormask at the Bourse at 9:40pm Friday the 21st.

Be there, it'll be fun.

Continuation of 'To the Gaiman Fans...'

Just looked up the info for MirrorMask. It will be at the Ritz 5 in Philadelphia on October 21st. Time to plan out the huge party. Who's going?

Welcomed or not...

I've been racking my brain today about sending an email to someone who's father had pasted away. Why am I dwelling on it?

For the Gaiman fans

I found this on my philly_goth lj community.

If anyone is interested in seeing "Mirror Mask" (written by Neil Gaiman) come to Philadelphia email the Ritz Theaters and let them know. Currently it will not be released here in Philadelphia.


So start the emails, people.

Who's the real enemy?

Due to the recent devastation in the Gulf area, I've been thinking and reading about the true enemy that threatens not just our country...but the world...

Bringing the old world into the new

A conversation started between my supervisor, coworker, and myself. It seems that my coworker's 14 year old son has found himself an internet girlfriend

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