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Okay, so it's been a little while since december 16th.

And I obviously lied. But that's alright. I'm back now.
Spent the afternoon sitting at the Gryphon, tried to get some Sociology reading done but ended up walking over to see Lady In the Water instead. M. Night is at my neighbors house in Merion all the time, whenever I see the guy up there on the screen I wonder if I'll ever get to sit down with him. That would be an interesting conversation. Got a text from Sean Friel asking if I was town, but my possible Saturday plans fizzled, so no town for me today.
Back at the Gryphon I ended up diving headlong into a conversation about, "nuclear tipped unvisibly fast crocodile legions.". I fear that Mike may be out of his mind. But that's cool I suppose. Spent about an hour writing about rotting devilfish and manta rays. Probably too long to spend writing about that sort of thing. Maybe not.

I don't know why I haven't done this before.

So I've known about this site for ever and ever and ever and I hardly ever get in here even though ylbissop is like my best friend on the planet. So I'm fixing it.

Today I woke up late, which is fine since it's day two of a two day reprieve from work. My cat has taken to lying down next to me while I sleep and when I wake up, she's kind of holding down the blanket so that I can't escape without moving her. And we just kind of satre at eachother and wonder which one of us is going to be the first to move. It's usually me. So After taking an hour to come to terms with disturbing her rest, I slithered out as carefully as I could and stumbled into the computer room to see who had just Trillion blinged me.

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