How can you top that...

Today I've decided to help out my fellow geeks and nerds find interesting articles online about the various topics they have been discussing in our forums.

The cancellation and recent feature film endeavour of an apparent Sci-fi masterpiece has rallied the troops so to speak to encourage their great icon to bring back the TV version for a measly 24 episodes. Ambitious, they are, but I fear this will be another meaningless rant. Its time to learn the meaning of letting go.

Others have discussed the horrors of our gaming pasts, even though some have missed the mark and brought in recent games. The young ones, always getting in the way. Anyway to enjoy a nice little blast from the past pick your topic of interest or even play a quick game. Test your might as a geek, but don't choke on the last 25 seconds of Pitfall.

Now onto science I guess. Read an interesting quote that I think will do well to explain this next concept. "I am a brain, my dear Watson, and the rest of me is a mere appendage." — Sherlock Holmes We now know physically the basics of how we came to be, now to understand the complex package atop our necks.

And just because I'm a silly little Cheebs, what noise would you like to hear?

at least you enjoy it. the

at least you enjoy it. the geeks and nerds passed over the first two links completely in our forums. why do they hate me?

not that many take the time

not that many take the time to look at the forums

this is excellent I need to

this is excellent I need to give the rest of my friends each a day of the week to post somthing like this. but alas they wont post with any reliability.