ether replacing the shadow

shadows are everywhere affording safety late night expedition becomes earlier and earlier. love, death, insanity, resistance, information, opinions, by hook or by crook we will. till the joe's congregate stealing away my ability to enjoy an addiction. till motivation is needed not far just around back the joes can get at us there it's public and they haven't seized it yet. but they hide in the darnedest places talk of saving people from perverted sexual acts is all fine with the help but sound travels up and they have us suddenly without warning the disembodied voice of joe rings out a weary but sharp warning. we've riled the locals, no good can come of this. time to retreat to the safety of the suburban sprawl. the anonymity of a thinly walled dwelling. cutting me off cold from my heathen companions, frank talk in colorful language, will only leave me with the junky shakes. perhaps there is no sleep for us. but a fix is needed thank god for light and mirrors "always on" the beautiful words bubble up to the surface. the fifth element is the ether, a chaotic amalgamation of 1,173,109,925+ people's thoughts unleashed on a nieve world.It'll last you a month at $50 a pop and its fast so amazing the girlscout at my door had said we knew they had been coming to hook us and we where ready yea ok I'll have some of that. calms the nerves. eases the sudden seperation.