I just realized i've been doing this for a couple years now and i must be awful at it

once upon a time people read this. then it started to quiet down and eventually had pretty much just my friends reading. shortly after that I started having to point things out to friends that i had posted here as i would with any other random site which pretty much means that they never check it let alone subscribe to the rss feed. but on the other hand i dont think most of my friends would even understand what an rss feed is they think the only way to syndicate content is thru myspace. once I had wild dreams of this becoming more than just my own mind spewing into the darkness. sign up here and you have your own place to blog chat discuss post stuff exc I'd say. its not corporately controlled i would tell them it's not that hard to change how it looks and i'm not going to make it hard for you to post links and I actually listen to what you want. so why does myspace win out? they are popular. the suprise of finding someone who randomly shows up there is great. but now that i think of it perhaps theres a way to make them visit at least once. I'll sleep on it but i may launch into a series of posts each devoted to talking directly about one person i know. it's dangerous tho and not like me to write specificly about people without telling them but i think it would draw a few of them in for a post or two. hmmm.... what do you think?