you mean i need content??? (post your ideas for content here)

you all know what you'd like to see here alot better than I do. give me your ideas for content. what's missing?

for your content

obvious you need a link to

I think decline has taken

I think decline has taken care of that but just in case


maybe a chat room or some games. hell i donno, just adding my two cents. has something to add a chat room to your page. i'll take a look at it and let you know. maybe something like an instant messenger thing.

request filled

not that i think anyone will use it but here you go.

causing it to break down fast

causing it to break down faster
blue eyed blond hair might sell for fifty thousand dollars.
and who is going to be involved in this? criminals.
i don't care if they are banged up or....
it created more problems

see here