I'll plagiarize instead

I can't believe that the suntan lotion poll has been there for going on a year now and its still at 27 votes how sad is that. it's harder to post knowing that i'm simply writing to myself. I'll plagiarize instead.

There's been a few good things happening. Cheebs and I went to see Mother Superior play a wacky gig and after helping roadie them we headed downtown to visit the Celtic Fair. It was a wonderful time the wares seemed a bit lame but it was good to know people somewhere are probably selling gauntlets, amour, and melee weapons out of a booth on the street even if they do look a bit cheap. just the day out and doing something with her had me excited but seeing Enter the haggis at the colonial turned out to be a real treat as well. Not my usual cup of tea mind you but they where excellently expert at what they do and seemed to enjoy themselves which always makes me feel like I'm helping represent Philly in a good light.I spent most of the show thoroughly enjoying the music and playing photographer.Afterwords we went to Sean's place for drinking/bbq which was a blast.

Gregg's 30th birthday party at his place was exactlly as it should have been I believe mindlessly beating spongebob stole the show for a while. it's amazing how much fun childhood games I once hated become. Kristen and I got a Munny and made it to look like Gregg which actually turned out pretty well. We did a good job and we made him a Chaos superhero since they give you accessories, which in our case were a cape, goggles, spray-paint can, and a broadsword.

I started doing some light web work for bwill and offered to help Christina move her fishtank oddly again there was talk of drinking and it turned into a joke whitch imagined us all drunk at 7am when the movers where to arrive "meesh Meeessh" I would drunkenly slur as the movers arrive "I'm in te box I'm ready to go" the day arrived and we moved Meesh and Christina to cheeb's Mom-mom's house sans inebriation and a quite bit later than planned because of some mixup with there movers starving student if anyone cares to know. They really lucked out Saturday tho because after bwill started mixing up the chi showing me some neto swordplay and just as the movers were finishing up the skies grew dark and forebowding we all took off and it rained pretty hard on us for a bit but by the time we got to cheeb's Mom-mom's house, it had stopped.the only casulty of the storm was Christinas backseat being thoroughly soaked thank god we had her clothes in Cheeb's back seat on the way there. We bought them pizza and gave them some beer as a housewarming gift. it's a really nice little place bet it'll be sad/hard to leave as soon as they plan to.

enough of this writing about life for now.