i am curious....

i am curious about these new members who have not posted anything. hi, how are you?

and a note to ylbissop: the blogging portion of your website seems tailored more for a single user rather than multiple blogging persons. it is your color scheme, your monitored weblinks, your euphony. that is ok, it's your site, however, i come here to post and i think, i would like posting here so much more if it looked different, and had different content on the sides, i guess what i'm saying is that i would prefer a page that i felt reflected me when i posted and not someone else. perhaps the people who have signed up here and have not posted feel the same way? is it possible to install a different blogging system that would be more multi-user friendly? how would you feel about that?

I thought i had responded to

I thought i had responded to this a while ago but i guess not perhaps i did in person and not here. this is an issue that the people over at the dupal site have been working on for a while and it looks ever better in terms of it working out great however untill it looks a bit more stable i'm gonna hold off on implementing it. it'll happen eventually i'm sure.