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day to celebrate

If your a fan of pez be shure to see this.

also harmonix has a new game out whitch reminds me if youve never played anything of theirs other than Karaoke Revolution go have some fun.

As for life this morning was a bit crazy cheebs realator acted as if i was the owner of her apartment and got me to try and sell it to a perspective. This crazy situation however seems to be just the thing i needed to cheer me a bit. I love my cheebs! just wish i could do more for her birthday.

stupid blog

Grrr today is full of nothing can't get thru to anyone i want to. people arnt responding. is that a correct use of arnt? dosn't matter anyway the weekend was like a weekend lite. good and at the same time somehow unsatifying. still I had some chicken parm stuffed pizza whitch i am addicted to, hotdogs out of season whitch where particularly good, and reeses desert bar whitch while rich rocked my sox. i'm gonna go do laundry and dishes now and give up on everything else...
while laundring I have acheived this...

destination unknown

I decided to take a walk today and upon reaching E Market and S Matlack Streets I decided I would walk south for exactly 1 hour and then head back. It may seem a strange thing to do but it gives me time for thought, a chance to notice things, a sense of direction, and in the end a feeling of acomplishment.


I said as i grew up i'd post more pictures and so I have.
ylbissop child

last night was draculas ball whitch was fun for pictures see cheeb's lj

celebrity guest entry

if you do not recognize me you need only know that I will soon be your master! You may call me Dr. Cube. for those wising to date me, know of my amazing story and/or, to join my minions or remove a hairlip see here.

But why you may be asking yourself is our illustrious master posting here of all places. This is a excellent question as most of the content contained herein is far below my ingenious capacity.


last night cheebs and i where sitting here when all of a sudden the sound of a parade band started up we went out to investigate

loosing controll

it seems that it can only be last minute creativity that saves me from viewing myself negitivly again for halloween this year. Everyone needs a little push in the right diection sometimes and remote controlls for humans are just the ticket.

huh interesting

bugity bug bug

just a note sorry about this people but untill i figure some stuff out your gonna need an account to comment on stuff.

my state is sad

why is your state sad you may ask?

we got this
but cant seem to find time for this

Thank god for people like Thomas E. Martin, Jr., Esq.

last night most everything was my own

my dreams keep seeming to get stranger latly at least i am remembering them after i wake up. wish i remembered them all but i don't. sometimes I wonder if I am having wirians normal psycho analytical dreams for him seeing as most of them latly seemed to contain his friends and some strangers more than my own. but I digress because last night most everything was my own.. I think..

"free independent on demand"

found a neet little movie on "free independent on demand" and although i don't have time for a complete entry i thought I would reccomend it to everyone. so if you get a chance check out Ruang rak noi nid mahasan(Last Life in the Universe).It even has a guest appearance by Takashi Miike.

Today chibifrog and i took a walk thru a pumpkin patch and found the pumpkin ghetto.

if you don't have anything nice to say say it anyway.

recently i saw a profile on myspace where the responses could be summed up by

hi thank you for adding me and you look beautifull/sexy/great will you have sex with me you are cool as is your video.

this is in my opinion sad and not very representitive of the honest way in whitch me and my friends work thus demeaning real comments like you look great in this photo. so in order to level the playing feild i am going to set out on a mission to let people(my friends) know what i really think of their pictures.I defiy your "if you don't have anything nice to say dont say anything at all"! I hope that i don't piss anyone off too bad.

-love ylbissop

cool because

someone mentioned that they
"noticed that diners were the choice of food for three out of four nights with " me ". Coincidence?"
I think not.

for many years I have been a devout sinner of the X.th diner commandment (and proud of it) but theres somthing deeper lurking herein. a diner or other "you can pay for coffee and sit forever" establishment is better than any other hangout for a few reasons.

0. such a place supports:
metabolism and thru speach and interaction the essence of the manifestation and the foundation of the being and its replication, the subjective and inner manifestation of the individual, the essence of it's God, its own revelation and helps premote a worthwhile existence. in essence it is life.

Curiouser and curiouser!

so far my unawnsered questions are..

Georgewellian statements

I keep hearing about stuff happening, a little here a little there, small issues setting precidents. the one thing they all have in common is a definite erosion of freedoms. I started to wonder where do we actully stand? what would have to change to bring us into a true orwellian state?

hiding things from myself

I spent today organizing things at the house here. it's weird going thru my old stuff i realized it seems i like to hide things from myself that at the time make me so happy(so they can make me happy later). whitch would be great except life always get's complicated and then I find myself hurting because those happy thoughts are so unreachable now. I am glad I stash these memories away the good ones and the bad ones because my mind forgets so much. It helps emensly with perspective. Still sometimes i wonder if it might be a depressive act. anyone else do this? is your experience the same?

yea it's crack

The real world is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is deflected by a magnetic or electric field. It is a stimulant of the central nervous system and an appetite suppressant, creating what has been described as a euphoric sense of happiness and increased idiocy.

a general what happened entry

sideshow bernie
Last night after work chibifrog picked me up and reminded me that it was SideShow Bennie's Carnival of Wonders night at the Fringe Cabaret.

Attachments How to

Attachments are now available so it's about time for a little how to.

blogging here in 10 easy steps!

ok I tweaked the site so it's even simpler.

sheer force of will

I have just this to say... I feared the complicated process of setting up internet now that I've moved. I shouldn't have. setting up the internet here was amazingly simple. no appointment even tho I hadn't contacted them before 3 hours ago Now look at me Wheeeeee... bandwidth tester says 1.00 megabits/sec -- 127.5 kilobytes/sec so officially I'm back!

glade saves the day

gladeok pine I understand summer rain sounds nice and vinalla smells yummy but I think glade may be running low on ideas. now don't get me wrong it smells good in fact if it smelled like a gas station I would be happy but can't we simply turn on the dryer or go to the local laundramat for this?

almost back to alright.

after a struggle I finally fixed the site again. I'm pretty sure it's sucessfully updated. Unfortunatly I spent my days off sick this week now if I could just kick this sickness I'd be back to alright.

Burning Absinthe Daubs

PernodfireThe Pernod plant was struck by lightning, causing an alcohol fire that raged out of control for four days. Hundreds of thousands of gallons of burning absinthe were discharged into the Doubs River, flavouring it with anise for miles downstream. For some reason i find this romantic and quite the muse perhaps some art will come of it.

human trials just around the corner

This article and for the skeptical this video go into the didn't think i'd see it in my lifetime category. Seems our friends at Pittsburgh's Safar Centre for Resuscitation Research have made some progress. I don't know if I agree with using the word zombie here but undead defiantly works. Just in case you may want to pick up one of these.

some days you don't even know you don't know.

how many planets are in our solor system?


guess it sucks to be this .org

photo update

this starts back a while but i wanted to get it all in..

nice meeting you ladylarkeyae

This is late i know but i just wanted to say michael jackson has nothing on ladylarkeyae...

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