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more people should test

wet_2__-tm.jpgFor a long time now I have liked taking long tests with people so...

there is no where to run Pig Pen

pigpen.jpg I was under the impression that calling your friend on the phone was a way to forget about your putrid breath after eating that triple onion cheese steak.

land of the free moves across the pond

congradulations to the people of the UK for finally allowing freedom of information
you may now do the following legally:

for any Negatives, copies of photographs and DATA that entered UK Legal territory since 1999 to the present:
1. Sell to ANYWHERE in the world and ANY amount of copies.
2. Reverse Engineer any application

Sexploitation 1922-2004

If countless numbers of militant lesbians aren't crying this weekend they should be.


do you know the truth?

from Animal House to PCU

Once upon a time not so far from where your reading this evil stuffy power hungry faculty censored the free speech of leftist students. The students protested and eventually commanded respect for their freedom of speech and all was peaceful ... OR WAS IT!


a big Congrat's goes out to dave and Fali.
below is the speach I wrote for there wedding that they didn't invite me to

you may cause you don't have an account here anymore!

for all those who had an account but no longer do you stink

zua's first day of school today

good luck z. hope you do better than me lol


I keep thinking how I'm losing touch with new stuff.

new site and a fresh start

ylbissop says hello again and rants about his former web-host! read it NOW!!!

wow cool !!

I think that the magic quotes problem has been fixed. now I'll just have to go and remove all the \\\ stuff.
EDIT:: on second thought I think I'll leave trhe old posts as they where originally poasted. check '1 /2 \3 \ ... cool

Back but for how long?????

ok so the site is back as you can see.
and I am sorry to all of you that have been affected.
If you could not send/recieve important mail please resend it now.
I think that shortly I may kill all the email accounts here and get them elsewhere so noone can be accused of spaming.
but I still have no idea what happened or what is going on with the magic quotes problem. and my host has told me that

"we unsuspend the site for you but if we see any unusual activity we will

terminate the site at once and send your site to all host master so will not be

able to host your domainame any where"


RecklessAbandon recently asked if I knew of a way to run osx on windows, a Virtual PC for the intel world if you will. So I did a little research into Marklar (Apple doesn't admit that the 'Marklar' program exists).
In case you don't know when OS X was first created (from BSD) Apple wanted to keep their options open and decided to keep a current OS X port running on x86 machines. This project was codenamed 'Marklar' and it is rumored that this program keeps about a dozen fulltime Apple programmers in cheese.


I am so sorry to anyone who is as annoyed as I am about the bugs with the site. It\\\'s really not my fault. my webhost needs to fix it and they are taking there damn time. in case anyone cares what they need to do is either turn magic quotes off for my site or let me do it in my .htaccess.

LOL ok I must post one more thing today.

have you ever wondered just how little it would take for your PC to be "OWNED" ?

Do you love it when Tech gets microscopic?

If so click the link below

the link

And now for something completely different!

It is the year 2003 and Noah lives in BFE, USA.

The Lord speaks to Noah and says: "In one year I am going to make it rain and cover the whole earth with water until all is destroyed. But I want you to save the righteous people and two of every kind of living thing on the earth. Therefore, I am commanding you to build an Ark."
In a flash of lightning, God delivered the specifications for an Ark.
Fearful and trembling, Noah took the plans and agreed to build the Ark.
"Remember," said the Lord, "You must complete the Ark and bring everything aboard in one year." Exactly one year later, a fierce storm cloud covered the earth and all the seas of the earth went into a tumult. The Lord saw Noah sitting in his front yard weeping.
"Noah," He shouted, "Where is the Ark?"


ylbissop also loves Gibsons.
The fridge which holds my cheese(I'll get to love for cheese another time) is a Gibson.

It can be done!

A free upgrade for registered users should be comming from Roxio in June. Roxio Inc. announced on Tuesday that they will add DVD Double Layer compatibility to Toast 6 Titanium and Toast with Jam 6. The update will enable users to burn 8.5GB disks, instead of 4.7GB, on a single... one... uno... DVD+R Double Layer (DL) disc.

NEW Terrorist internet VIRUS affects all Intellectual Property


Do me a favor everyone take a quick look at this page. Now click on slide 3 "Business strategy" it's short I'll wait while you read it...

The Clark-Trimble experiments

"A convenient point of departure is provided by the famous Clark-Trimble experiments of 1935. Clark-Trimble was not primarily a physicist, and his great discovery of the Graduated Hostility of Things was made almost accidentally. During some research into the relation between periods of the day and human bad temper, Clark-Trimble, a leading Cambridge psychologist, came to the conclusion that low human dynamics in the early morning could not sufficiently explain the apparent hostility of Things at the breakfast table - the way honey gets between the fingers, the unfoldability of news-papers, etc. In the experiments which finally confirmed him in this view, and which he demonstrated before the Royal Society in London, Clark-Trimble arranged four hundred pieces of carpet in ascending degrees of quality, from coarse matting to priceless Chinese silk. Pieces of toast and marmalade, graded, weighed, and measured, were then dropped on each piece of carpet, and the marmalade-downwards incidence was statistically analysed. The toast fell right-side-up every time on the cheap carpet, except when the cheap carpet was screened from the rest (in which case the toast didn’t know that Clark-Trimble had other and better carpets), and it fell marmalade-downwards every time on the Chinese silk. Most remarkable of all, the marmalade-downwards incidence for the intermediate grades was found to vary exactly with the quality of carpet.

couldn't help myself

I watched the last mad mad House today if you missed the series I recommend it as far as opium for the masses goes this was good opium it makes you think and if you are open enough to listen you may learn something who knows. after the last episode I felt a great urge to post to the scifi board in case the decide it shouldn't be posted here it is:

I have to say first that I Loved the series!
I have lurked on the message boards. The whole idea resounds with me personally. I have explored myself for all of my years and have lived many different religons the only way to find out about yourself is to test yourself. I pray my own way now I have my own belief structure and it is an amalgum of wicca islam buddism christianity santaria and various forms of tribalism. Also I have always felt that people like don(probably my personal favorite alt) have been the most accepting of these form of beliefs and often open enough to see what is going on right in front of them. Additonally I want others to experience these kinds of things espechally people who shun or condem others or stay opinonated enough to not open up. In the end I felt the final decision was great and in a way I also felt it was decided not by the alts but was an expression of somthing mutch larger. Now that I have said how great everything was I have to voice my one complaint and hope that it might help someone somewhere. I know nothing but it is my opinion that the alts need to take their own advice. Don't let the blinders of your personal belief get in the way of opening up to the experience and learning from it. An example would be the reason I decided to post this: Fiona. Watch the series again please and relize the amount of time Fiona talks over people demanding attention and cutting them off telling them that she let them speak and it's her time. when Fiona was it there time to speak? Did you learn anything from your discussion in the last episode with art? You dear are acting like the boss of the house I think we both know tres faciunt collegium, karma, the golden rule exc. Then again I know editing can change completly how a person is percieved.

what do you call it? or Can a concept exits without a word

New findings by Dr. Peter Gordon, a bio-behavioral scientist at Teachers College, Columbia University, strongly support the theory that language can influence the nature and content of thought. If you think a rose by any other name would smell as sweet then read on...

Burroughs commandments

Not interested it's made for TV

Recently waiting for a bus another bus passed by me with basically this add on the side. Now I don't like made for TV movies(especially when they have an after school special feel) and I don't like FX and I don't really like Jamie Foxx but I was intrigued by the tag-line "Gangster Death Row inmate Nobel Peace Prize Nominee" and the word biographic. What alternate universe must I be living in where CNN of all people has reported that the founder of the crypts has been nominated for a nobel peace prize for his books for children and I Totally miss it. The movie is ok not great in my opinion but watch-able. If you know nothing about Stan 'Tookie' Williams read his story I guarantee that it will make you think. In my opinion it doesn't matter if you think he's a piece of shit or worthy of release and praise though I lean toward the latter. I want to hear the arguments saying that Tookie should never have been published from prison. In my perfect world If someone no matter what atrocities they have fathered affects the world in such a positive manner they deserve a chance to get what they have done weighed again. You have made mistakes you may even have lived your mistakes for a while like he did but once you recognized them and repented you where forgiven in one way or another. The difference I see here can be named as four victims: Albert Owens, a 7-Eleven clerk; Yen-I Yang, a Taiwanese motel owner; and Mr. Yang's wife and daughter. These things will and can never be replaced. Sure you can argue acceptable losses for instance if Tukkie's books saved the lives of even a hundred children that otherwise would have been lost to gang violence don't those hundred people make up for the lives of four? I don't know. it's hard to quantify the value of a human being and I don't think I'll try because doing just that seems to lead many people to bigotry. in a way quantifying the value of life is what has caused bigotry and the most death ever. Statistically the bloodiest book(the book that has caused the most death) is the bible. Due to it's powerful nature people continue to kill segregate and judge in the name of god. I'm sure you've heard the saying "Kill Them All, Let God Sort Them Out" now stop and think about that a second who is wrong here let us assume that two innocent good people with a misunderstanding are put in front of each-other and one kills the other citing the idea let god sort him out. the man who killed has shed blood on the land and broken a direct commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill nowhere in the bible does god add the clause unless it is in my name. So why do people think that this is a legitimate process of thought why do so many people know the saying?

sad state of affairs

finally read what I was really afraid of reading all this time :

" Turns out the Mirror Door/Firewire 800 model G4's that cannot boot into OS9, cannot actually boot from a factory Jaguar CD either! It would only boot with the DVD that came with the computer. I thought I would be crafty and swap the hard drive out with a brand new MDD model I just got in. (DUAL 1.25mhz). Made things even worse then, the display went wacky!

AppleCare Tech support told me that the my Firewire800/MDD machine would ONLY work with the hard drive that came with it. "What happens if that hard goes out?", I asked. "we replace it!", was the tech's answer. "What if I want to put a bigger drive in, replacing the original drive?", I asked. "Can't do it", was his answer.

one of those days

I just don't feel good about or like today. I figure it's just an emotional problem cause I really have no reason to be especially down. just kinda feel emotionally crappy. oh well. tomarrow is another day. guess I'll go partake of the opiate of the masses. it is strange however that I am apathetic even toward my apathy today.

movies make you think

I just finished watching Regeneration (1997) and realizing that it is one of the many movies that make you think I thought i'd write some of my thoughts down briefly. this isn't a review and doesn't contain any answers just ideas.

life is war.

I was drawn to think about some ideas surrounding a line by one of the characters Sarah(played by Tanya Allen) she says to Billy Prior(Jonny Lee Miller) "this is just another kind of wound" in reference to his war induced emotional trauma. I have personally known people who where wounded in this way but never one wounded by war.

all data should be available orally

I just wanted to note that I think it sucks ass that some companies require that their employees show up at work to get their schedules if you call it should not be against company policy for your managers to give you your schedule. I don't personally have to deal with this but if I did I would complain about it allot. I don't drive and spending money to get to work on a day I had off just to get a piece of paper that tells me when i have to come back to work again seems ludicrous. this is in my opinion just another example of stupidity in the corporate world please someone explain how this be


May I someday forgive myself for what I am about to do.

This is a web-log entry. I am blogging. I am a blogger. Here is a
blog I wrote. kann i für das Blogging verdammt werden. God it really
doesn't matter how I say it it still sounds dirty. Anyway I figured a
blog along with a little desktop blogging software was going to be the
best way to get myself to post some content(for content breeds content
and i like content). I set up Drupal (working on un branding it to make it match my site) and am using Ecto
in case anyone ever cares. All in all the hardest part turned out to be
figuring out how to set up the SQL database without command line access
to my host. But I digress This first post should really be about
warning people :

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