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all up ons your goth

this entry brought to you primarily by the youtube cue dramatic music.

I don't know who you are or why you are reading this so lets start with a primer shall we?
So You've Decided You Want To Become a Goth.

wario ware smooth moves

jump for the cake!
get out of the hole!

my side of stuff

I see all this in such a different way..

memoirs of the hunted

onerios's shirt remembered

mostly i hate vague error messages but this one made me remember the damn recursion shirt(send me a picture of that onerios) and chuckle..

once again

another update means another test so here it is.

have a good time Meesh

some lucky girl is going to Sundance. I'm telling her to stay away from brad pitt cause i like Angelina. I decided to go over the schedule and write down my awards for Sudance 2007 their not in their categories and i have yet to see a single film but...

My Winning Films without actually seeing them:

little to nothing

you know what suscks the most about noone else posting here is that I have such an easy time responding to most things but it's so hard for me to start from scratch and write on any given subject it's like i need to see the direction i should go in otherwise i feel uber scattered about whatever I talk about....
sorry i trailed off for a minute..cococones.
I seriously hope that the eagles don't make it to the superbowl it brings the football crazy out in freaking everyone. I hate hearing everyone talk about it incessantly useless so useless.
I just found out today that robert anton wilson died.


it's the beginning of the year so what's going on with me. all signed up to be living in p-ville for another year. most weekends cheebs and I go to see meesh and the gang in deleware. we are back to one truck a week at bombay so thursdays are the early hard day. we eat out too much but i love it. the latest game I'm playing is guitar hero II.


pushed it below the break click read more to see and hear....

did your vote count?

cheebs got a special birthday present she's especially boing boing published hehe tanks and welcome boing boing visitors

october 2006

well look at that october is almost over and i havent written a damn thing. I can't use the excuse nothing is going on either i have quite the oppisite problem this month. Cheebs is making herself American mcgee's Alice and so I decided my only option was American Mcgee's Mad Hatter. we went to see nightmare before christmas in 3d. it was good... they didn't overdoo the 3d whitch was suprising i might even say they under did it. i wish they had simply punched up some key moments by emphisising the 3d, but it rocked that it was large and you could see everything. i've been so friggin busy what with training these new people at work, decorating the house whitch i take too god damn seriously and lifcasting my face and making prostetics.

YO YO! *now with sound*

Just wanted to give mo' 2-1-Fifth shouts all. wzup?

check the picture of me and my peeps and here a crispy sik joint:


click to enlarge and play music

Holla some luv at me, peace!


mirror mirror

I ate eggo lego's for breakfast <happy>

look who decided to show

greg(note greg not gregg nor merekat) decided to come over he's so dramatic now first thing he does when i try and take a picture is get all big and drags in the fog.


thanks for the mammaries deacon.


I mentally slap myself on the wrist every time a week goes by without a post. apologies all around but I haven't had much cerebral stimuli latly. I think that's why tonite i watched a bit of the creymaster cycle again and just for giggles checked to see if it was online yet it is. <gift ideas> and i want an optimus keyboard as long as it will work for my mac when it comes out but who dosen't</gift ideas>. ze frank's ted panel was really cool you can see all of his stuff at http://www.zefrank.com/. al always makes me laugh.



pretty sure like 68% that i'm a dumbass and tossed my ipod away with the trash. god damn it.

lets see

I feel a bit better by now sorry to all of you who seemed concerned. let's see... boring life umm... been being yelled at for programing a bit more latly. still wish more people would post here. I believe exactly 2 people check this on a semi regular basis. down from about 6 or 10 in it's heyday lol. alot of people wander in off the net silently read the blogs and drift away again .. many one time readers so I must not have any staying power. it's interesting knoledge of audience seems directly related to ability to talk. whitch is why i think the whole myspace blog thing took off, there you know your core audience of readers.

one of thoes days

that about says it nothing happened really nothing good anyway i feel like crap but i'm ok nothings wrong but everything falls apart anyway.


roverwhat's that looking for what i'm up to for the next few days? well you wont find it here. instead i have a special blog set up for a special event. watch for much content and funness to come here...

magic man... Santa Claus of the subconscious

Psst.. hey you, yea you. wanna have some fun with your brain? ever seen Videodrome? wanna little natural hallucinogen? download (right click on the link and do "save target as") this movie and open it with quicktime in full screen follow the instructions and repeat as necesary.

p.s. use technology responsibly.

follow the pandas

oh my.. i found somthing.. I woke just in time tonite and flipped on the tv zim was on nick so i surfed over there.. and then.. there where pandas.. they bounced with lolipops and and showed me the way to ... well you'll see

go for the pandas stay to be addicted to Frederator

Your twisted I'm twisted too

the colonial domestics did my domestic partner

huzaah for rocky horror it's been a while baby but it was good to see you again. although the audience was very scattered with their participation seeing as they had cum from many other venues for a once a year event the colonial transvestites where decent they wernt sincere lust or The Transducer Players but for a quickie kind of thing it was good. now off to watching the double feature (shock treatment). last one in the pool has to be in shock treatment!

a difference in taste

I just wanted to point out the difference between how i wanted to observe the 4th tonight and how cheebs did...

I wanted a Cosmic Calamity Fountain A high performance fountain device with bright silvers with red, green and blue beads. Then changing to golden yellow beads with crackle. Effects keep changing until the dramatic finish. Can you say "fantastic!" she wanted a "happy silvery flower"

so guess what we ended up with?

you may commence laughing at me.

movie movies now with even more movies

SinemaIn an attempt to figure out what makes me interested I have listed some of my favorite films.

a pain in the copyleft

HAZAAAAAHHH! although i'm in pain because of working hard yesterday i'm also happy, once in a while you win some and yesterday afternoon i found out that I had. some of the shirt designs that i had created for the store here came under suspicion of copywright infringement a couple of days ago and where taken offline I was sure that even tho I had spent plenty of time making sure that my origonal hand drawen designs where... well my own, that they would be lost forever. still i decided to go out on a limb and send cafepress a letter about them defending my origanality. To my joy and suprise cafepress listened and the shirts are now available again!

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